Hug, Depressed, Comfy pillow


[The video feed suddenly switches on, revealing C.C. and Tsukuyomi’s room. Strangely enough, the other bed is finally occupied. Finally back from the hiatus closet, it’s C.C., apparently sleeping rather peacefully for once, cuddling up to an almost life-size plush Cheese-kun doll. For a woman whose lifetime spanned over several centuries, she looks incredibly normal and completely harmless in her sleep. Anyone care to invoke a witch’s wrath by waking her up?]
Pizza, Not caring all that much


[In Japanese] Ridiculous boy.

[Shuffling of some cardboard boxes. Switches to the common language. Her tone is almost sarcastic, but if one listens closely, there's a hint of amusement.] I make one offhand comment about pizza and what you would do if you were here, and the Demon King has risen from the dead. You always knew how to make an entrance.

[Another voice pops up, seemingly male. He changes the subject immediately.] I see your eating habits haven't changed, Witch.

Warlock, scrawny as ever. Has paradise been feeding you well?

[A back and forth argument ensues over many things like the pizza boxes in the corner, what is C.C.'s roommate going to say. Mentions of Rolo's name pops up here and there, following by the male voice going silent for a moment, footsteps and a door slamming.]
In her pajamas, Looking outside, Lack of clothing


[C.C. has no idea that the camera switched on. She seems to be wearing something relatively normal - a purple top covered by an orange half-jacket, a short, white skirt and purple leg warmers. She doesn't look too happy. In fact, she's sitting up on her bed eating pizza and beside her, an untouched carton of strawberry ice cream. She stares out the window and leans her head against the wall.]

Valentine's already? How old am I this year?

[Her slender fingers move, tapping the pizza as she mouths the words, but then she suddenly stops. She shakes her head before drawing the rest of her body closer, keeping to herself. This kind of screams out that she's depressed, doesn't it?]
Tired, Without pizza, Annoyed


Hm, pleasant gifts. The electronic hangman game is entertaining. Undertaker, I assume you played a hand in that.

I don't be disappointed if I fail to return your gifts with some of my own.

[a sound of something being tossed across the room, then flipping a card] Tsukuyomi, I am not an old hag in the sense you're thinking of.
I will hit you, Try me, Fight mode, Running


If anyone asks, green is my normal hair. And no, Tsukuyomi, I am not an alien. I may have a long life, but I am human.

And Rolo, you're not Nunnally.

If anyone takes my pizza, I will hurt you. I can and I will.

[ooc: She has no idea about the truth virus yet.]
Lost in thoughts, Thinking


Another person has appeared from my home world. It seems he came from the time after Rolo's death the incident.

Hmm, the pretty prince's aide has an affair with a prince, maybe. Zero's self-proclaimed wife did say he "aides the Second prince in public and private matters". Well, that motif is old, not quite romantic as Kaguya would say.

...I heard the most interesting rumor the other day. I found something amusing aside from pizza for once.

[unreadable strikes.]