C.C. (caged_graywitch) wrote,


[C.C. has no idea that the camera switched on. She seems to be wearing something relatively normal - a purple top covered by an orange half-jacket, a short, white skirt and purple leg warmers. She doesn't look too happy. In fact, she's sitting up on her bed eating pizza and beside her, an untouched carton of strawberry ice cream. She stares out the window and leans her head against the wall.]

Valentine's already? How old am I this year?

[Her slender fingers move, tapping the pizza as she mouths the words, but then she suddenly stops. She shakes her head before drawing the rest of her body closer, keeping to herself. This kind of screams out that she's depressed, doesn't it?]
Tags: !video, birthday, c.c., event: intensified emotions, valentine's day
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