C.C. (caged_graywitch) wrote,


[In Japanese] Ridiculous boy.

[Shuffling of some cardboard boxes. Switches to the common language. Her tone is almost sarcastic, but if one listens closely, there's a hint of amusement.] I make one offhand comment about pizza and what you would do if you were here, and the Demon King has risen from the dead. You always knew how to make an entrance.

[Another voice pops up, seemingly male. He changes the subject immediately.] I see your eating habits haven't changed, Witch.

Warlock, scrawny as ever. Has paradise been feeding you well?

[A back and forth argument ensues over many things like the pizza boxes in the corner, what is C.C.'s roommate going to say. Mentions of Rolo's name pops up here and there, following by the male voice going silent for a moment, footsteps and a door slamming.]
Tags: !voice, c.c., event: make a wish virus, lelouch, painting, pizza, we're all mad here
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