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Character Information
Name: C.C.
Fandom: Code Geass
Timeline Summary: Post-Season 2

Personality: C.C. comes across as a mysterious and detached person at first, but there are many sides of her which different people see. When she speaks, she tends to use ambiguous wording and causes everyone else to wonder what’s really going on in her head. It is obvious that she is on a different level, even by the way she carries herself and how she talks about life. C.C. also appears to do whatever she wants, even though it can be an inconvenience to the people around her. This often becomes a problem when pizza is involved as C.C. loves pizza and will do absolutely anything to get her hands on a slice or a whole pie. She has no qualms about tricking people into helping her into schemes to acquire said obsession.

According to her last contractor Lelouch, “she is selfish, lazy, stuck-up and never lifts a finger”. C.C. is shameless when it comes to her body; sometimes, she uses this to her advantage to get what she wants. She can also be quite coy and playful when she knows certain people can be flustered very easily; she finds amusement in compromising situations. Physical intimacy or relationships hardly bother her since she isn’t a modest schoolgirl and has lived through many things. When she gets caught in compromising situation, there is a change of attitude as if nothing happened.

This shift from the coy woman to a composed one most notable in C.C. when dire situations arise, making her reliable. Her ability to composed in threatening circumstances may be rooted in the fact that she is not truly afraid of dying since she is unable to truly die and in understanding that if the leader is not calm, the subordinates will not follow. When something needs to be said, she speaks bluntly and never beats around the bush, knowing that her words will sting. The witch also tends to taunt people if their ideals are naïve or stupid.

She is known for this and is labeled a bitch within the Black Knights. She is generally disliked by many of the Black Knights and people who know of her existence and Geass. She also keeps many secrets about herself and others; some, she shares but others, she doesn’t. One of these secrets is that C.C. does appear to have a motherly side to her, but this persona of hers is rarely seen. The only two people she has shown this side to were two of her contractors, including her last one, Lelouch. It was she who comforted him when Lelouch was forced to murder his beloved cousin and when he also had to turn against his beloved sister Nunnally, whom he was trying to change the world for.

There was other instances where she showed some concern and protectiveness toward him in which she told him “not to die”; however, she might argue that she had an ulterior motive for talking him into living – so she can her wish granted. It is unusual for her show concern for others, which affects her relationships with people. She keeps acquaintances, but that is usual as far as people get. C.C. doesn’t seem to develop closer bonds with these people as she is aware that they will pass on before her. Immune to aging, she usually moves on as these people realize that she hasn’t aged a day.

She keeps at least a few acquaintances during a span of contract. If a person shares a similar outlook on life as her or shares in her obsession with pizza, this ups the chances C.C. will get along with the person. How to tell if she thinks of one as an acquaintance is her level of playful teasing after which she becomes nonchalant as if nothing happened. However, it will be obvious if she doesn’t like a certain person; she will flat out ignore them or glare with a few well-armed insults. And it is safe to say that trust and respect aren’t so freely given.

For someone who believe she’s not human anymore, she sure is complicated.

She possesses a unique trait called the “Code of Immortality” (a brand consisting of the red bird sigil on her forehead that appears from time to time), which has two functions in Code Geass canon. The Code grants her an extraordinary healing ability so C.C. can heal from any kind of injury; in CG canon, she can “die” by any means and return to life. I am aware that her immortality is an issue, so I’m watering down her ability to just extraordinary healing. So she can survive life-threatening injuries, but cannot be brought back to life. And the Code stops her aging process, so she never really grows into a middle-aged woman, always remaining a young lady who seems to be nearing the age of twenty.

Also due to the Code, she can grant the power of the kings, known as Geass, to people on her whim. Due to the nature of “Code”, any Geass power cannot be used against her. Another small power granted by the Code is a psychic ability to send shock images. She is able to send such images when touching a person directly or indirectly. She can also converse with people who exist in the World of C (of Geass); it looks like a one-sided conversation since she is the only one who can hear them.

When it comes to physical abilities, C.C. is more aigile than she appears. She can single-handedly disarm a group of men on her own, using basic gymnastics and self-defense moves. She is also able to handle firearms if she needs too. In the Code Geass universe, she is also seen piloting a Knightmare Frame, which is their equivalent to a Gundam, but her piloting skills are average. C.C. just appears to be a jack of all trades due to her long life.

Wikipedia link
Just a gist of C.C.’s Code Geass canon history while the rest below is partially head canon, based of vague facts and series spoilers

C.C. was born a slave during the Late Middle Ages. She doesn’t remember her parents. The only figure she was close to calling mother was the nun who gave her the power of Geass. C.C. was only ten at the time when the power manifested itself. C.C.’s geass caused everyone to love her without limits. The nun was the only one unaffected by it; because of this, the nun was always scolding C.C. for using it so carelessly. When she was sixteen, the Geass had evolved and covered both her eyes. The nun killed herself and C.C. in an attempt to get rid of the Code of Immortality. As a result, C.C. received the Code, rendering her unable to truly end her immortal life, lost her own Geass, and gained the power to grant people Geass and also immunity to any Geass power used against her. She lived through Washington’s Rebellion, the Witch Trials (where she was burned) and the World Wars. During those time, she experienced many brutal ways to die, but always painfully returned back to life. She had made several contracts with people, but they were unable to grant her wish.

One of those contractors was Marianne vi Britannia (née Lamperouge), Lelouch’s mother. However, Marianne had died before the terms of the contract were fulfilled. She began to look for another contractor while quietly watching over Marianne’s children (Lelouch and Nunnally) when they were exiled to Japan. When Japan fell and renamed Area 11, she remained out of the limelight until she was caught by the Britannian Military, who attempted to experiment on her. The experiment was called Code R. Ten years after the fall of Japan, C.C. was locked into a high-pressure capsule, which was then stolen by a resistance group, which believed was poison gas. When the resistance group was scattered in the underground, two people were present when her capsule opened. The two were Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch Lamperouge, two friends she watched from a distance in the past. After saving Lelouch from a near-death experience by jumping in front of him when a gun was fired, she gave him the power of Geass. His power was absolute obedience. Lelouch took on the identity Zero and created the Black Knights to tackle the Empire of Britannia.

She has stuck with him, often intervening at times where there is a chance of Lelouch dying. When the final battle occurs and his sister Nunnally is kidnapped, she buys him time to search for his sister, leading to her death when she crashed into the ocean where the water pressure kills her. Eventually her body resurfaces and she jumps back into life. A year passed where Lelouch lived a normal life. C.C. appeared during the chaos at one of Lelouch’s gambling ventures and returned his memories of his power and being Zero. She did this, knowing full well that Lelouch was the bait to lure her out into the open. While Lelouch takes on the mask of Zero, C.C. becomes his “double” once more. She became one of the few who remain at his side after his brother, Schneizel el Britannia, reveals to the Black Knights Zero’s identity and his ties to Britannia as a former prince.

C.C. is also present in the world of C, where Lelouch faced off with his father, the Emperor of Britannia and the spirit of his mother, Marianne, and also when he assumed the throne of Britannia. C.C. was also present during the Zero Requiem in which Lelouch died to give the world peace. After that, the Grey Witch vanished from the reaches of society.

Writing Samples 
First Person:

[A stomach growls and there is a shuffling through pockets, belts being unbluckled and falling to the floor, metal striking wood. Nails scratch against leather fabric. Heels click against the floor. A stomach rumbles again, informing its mistress that it’s time for food.] Lord Jeremiah.

[C.C.’s tone is glazed over with heavy annoyance. The Witch obviously isn’t pleased.]

Even in death, Lelouch is aware of my needs. If he wants me to die happy, you have to hand it over. [There is an awkward pause, which C.C. breaks with coy laughter.]

Oh, defying imperial orders, are we, Orange? [Another awkward silence occurs, only to be broken by her stomach growling.] We wouldn’t want to have another court scandal, right Jeremiah Gottwald?

[She chuckles and sounds like she’s smirking.] Now, give me the credit card. The pizza is calling me.

Third Person:

When C.C. snapped her eyes open, she sharply inhaled the stale air and coughed, shooting up and hunching forward. God, her body hurt. Wait, she clothed in a hospital gown and not her usual attire. Golden eyes scanned her surroundings. A cold shiver runs down the immortal witch’s spine. She snapped curses in her mind, allowing herself to get caught when she spotted a man in a lab coat standing by the door. Where was she? Her hands gripped the bed sheets. Ever suspicious, the witch’s eyes watched as the man dared to venture toward her, holding a package in his hands. Her hands were unbound. Big mistake. If the people of this place had conducted experiments on her, she had no qualms about hurting anybody. Being tested on while in the Geass Order and Clovis’s Code R, she realized that it simply wasn’t right. Her body was her own. And she would not be subject to pain without her consent. She could kill him if she wanted to. Hell, C.C. could do anything if she wanted to, but simply chose not to. Her inaction made her the C.C. they all knew. Her grip on the hospital bed sheets loosened as the doctor placed the package on her lap.

All he said to her was “Welcome to Aliunde.”

And this caught her by surprise. Without so much as another word, the doctor departed, vanishing out of her sight as he stepped out the door. Her stomach began to rumble at this point. She felt like she hasn’t eaten in days. Her pale hands reached into the package, now revealed to be a mere cloth bag and dug through. She pulled out the heaviest object from bag; it’s a cellphone, one that looks much better than the ones she’s used to seeing. This was touch screen. Lelouch’s wasn’t; that boy still had a sliding phone.

A small smirk crossed her lips. That was one more thing to make fun of him about…had he still been alive. She tossed that toward the foot of her feet and felt around the bag some more. Her clothes were there, plus two cards. Her smirk grew when she realized one of them was a debit card. Once she got back into her own clothes and out of this hospital, she would hunt down some decent pizza. Wherever she was now, she was going to need it.
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