In her pajamas, Looking outside, Lack of clothing


[rustling of bedsheets followed by footsteps. then, a squeak against glass is heard. C.C. seems to be wiping her window.]

, why is snow white? [short pause]

Snow is white because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be.

[sigh, followed with a long silence]

"I do not know why snow is white, but it is beautiful. I don't hate it." He always had a way with words. Silly boy.
Tired, Without pizza, Annoyed


[mumbles] Alright, how does that woman know all this?

[C.C. happens to be reaching for her pizza box, but whenever she seems to reach for it, the box floats out of her reach for a couple of seconds. Then when C.C. turns around, the pizza floats over her head and whacks her.] Who knew pizza would come out to get me one day. That was incredibly low.
Just Woke Up, I'm not crying, sleepy


The rain made me think again.

I should have passed out from my insomnia by now, but I have yet to crash and burn. I've been painting this now that my costume is relatively done.

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[ooc: backdated to the storm; strikes are her thoughts]
Hug, Depressed, Comfy pillow


Rolo's here. Aren't you supposed to be protected your brother? There goes peace and quiet. I'd think he'd be grateful for me not being at home. That way, he is more useful to Lelouch. Things will be much worse if Lelouch ends up coming here.

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Tired, Without pizza, Annoyed


Of all people to be stuck to, I'm chained to a kid in a suit and monocle. No pun intended. Getting these restraints off is quite the problem. What did that Yuuko say again? Know thy neighbour, know thyself; and then, something about getting to know each other. I wonder what she meant by that.

Why did Lelouch have to make the dress so damn detailed? I hope I can get something done this week. That's being optimistic. Halloween is in...nineteen days.

Pretty confident, Trademark smirk


I have my clothes back for good this time. The shirts were beginning to cut off my circulation a bit up here.

starts in a few weeks. I believe the modern world calls the first day of Samhain Halloween. Whatever it's called, the tradition is the same. Dress up to ward off the spirits of the dead.

Should I go as a witch? The irony of that. It should be interesting this year since I'm here and not back home.

Lost in thoughts, Thinking


Well, this is...different. I think there was a monocle in here too.

[C.C. is wearing a white tee-shirt that exposes some of her midriff and jeans that look a bit short on her.]

I'm used to wearing boy's clothing that relatively close to my size. Alright, which one of you has my straitjacket and my other clothes?

Pretty confident, Trademark smirk


Murphy's law: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I won't bother to lock this. People will hack it regardless so might as well. I should stop worrying. It's unbecoming of me.

What kind of tea is best for soothing one's self? I'll admit this one last time. I've been having an odd dream lately.